Friday, June 1, 2007

The World Of Our Desires

The World
To your eyes,it seems strange and mysterious

To my eyes, it seems scary and dangerous
But think about the blind man round the corner
He has the best vision among us
To his eyes, the world seems beautiful
A place full of sounds and colors
A place where there are loads of things
To see,watch n enjoy
Imagine what he would see
If he had his sight
How his dreams would be shattered
How his heart would be broken
Can we not make our world beautiful for him?
So that another man does not contribute
In spoiling our world further?
The world
To your ears, its full of noise
To mine, its full of cries
There is hardly any laughter heard
But the deaf boy next door
Has the best hearing among us
To him, the world is full of melodies
There are pleasant, sweet voices
Sounds of joy everywhere
The chirping of birds
The gurgling of waters,
Everything soothing to the ear
Imagine what he would have,to listen
If he had the power to hear
How his desires to listen would fade
How his mind would fill with detest
Can we not make this world
A little more softer and sweeter for him?
So that another boy does not contribute
In spoiling our world further?
The world
For you, the path is full of barriers
For me,its a long way full of thorns n stones
But the little girl
In the small cabin by the river
Who can hardly come out
Being bound in crutches
Finds this world more amusing
Than you or me
For her,this world is full of frolic
It is an open ground
To play around
And run forever and ever
Without the fear of falling
Imagine her shock
When she would be able to walk
She would hardly find a place to set her foot
Let alone running and playing
And the fear of returning to her crutches
Always haunting her innocent mind
Can we not make some space
For the little child to fulfil her wishes?
So that another girl does not contribute
In spoiling our world further?
For you,this world is filled with rudeness
For me,it is a din of abuses
But the young lady,your neighbour
Who remains silent, being mute
Finds the gift of voice
More interesting than you or me
For her,it is a blessing to be able to speak
To be able to express and share our thoughts, in words
Imagine how she would feel
When she would be able to speak
She would hardly be given a chance
To voice her opinions
Seeing how she was not being heard,
She would forget the difference
Between her present and past
Can we not make this world a little peaceful?
To listen to this lady's voice
To listen to her songs
Eager to escape her throat for years?
So that another woman does not contribute
In spoiling this world further?
If not for ourselves
Can we not improve our surroundings
For these people?
Our thoughts are destroyed
Our desires,unfulfilled
Our voices,unheard
But why let the same happen with others?
Why repel and rebel and make our world worse?
For once,let's forget ourselves
Just one time
Let's do something for others
And then,
We will surprisingly find ourselves
More at peace than we ever were
For, the things we do
To make such people happy
Will fulfill our desires,though unknowingly
Just once,only once
Let's see from the eyes of the blind man
Let's hear from the ears of the deaf boy
Let's walk into the world of the li'l girl with crutches
Let's speak with the voice of the mute woman
And we will find a world more beautiful
Filled with your wishes,my thoughts
Your concern, my love
The world, of our desires....