Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Nature-our mother
There is so much to learn
So much to feel
So much to understand in her ways

The little spider crawling there
Among the leafless shrubs
With tireless spirit and lots of pain
It weaves its intricate web
Glistening in the sunlight
But Oh!There snaps a cord
There breaks a thread
Its world partly destroyed
By a thorn here
And a strong breeze there
Nevertheless it faces its fate
Moves on and recreates its world
Leaving its past abandoned
All with the help of its strength
To move on,and start afresh

Nature-our mother
There is so much to learn
So much to feel
So much to understand in her ways

A tiny caterpillar
Camouflaging with the green leaves
Of a rain-bathed plant
Prepares itself
To build around itself
A lovely house of silk threads
It waits in its coccoon for long
To grow and turn into a beautiful butterfly
All this pain,all this hard work
Merely for a two-day lifespan of beauty
Yet it does not stop living
Why?It is bestowed with such a life
By its very own mother Nature
It accepts its destiny without question

Nature-our mother
There is so much to learn
So much to feel
So much to understand in her ways

A huge rose shrub
Sits in a garden
Adorned both by beauty and pain
This lovely shrub
Faces every emotion
Pride, in the beauty of its roses
Happiness,in the awe of its spectators
Protection, in the presence of its thorns
Shame, in its infliction of pain
Upon its patrons,who desire to cherish its scented pride
And pain,sheer pain
When its loveable roses are plucked
Imparting to it,the lesson
That beauty does not always remain
There sits the rose shrub
Apparently lifeless
Yet filled with so much of emotion

Nature is our mother
And the greatest teacher
There is so much to learn
So much to feel
So much to understand in her ways....

Something Never Meant To Be

As plain and simple as she was
She never thought it would happen
Her little heart fluttered
It skipped beats now and then
The soaring feeling of happiness
Butterflies in the stomach
And smiling thoughts
But through all this she never knew
She was thinking of something
That was never meant to be
Her eyes lay on various things
Yet that one thought
Always provoking her heart and mind
"I am not made for all this",she said
But her little eyes built up big dreams
Her subconscious emotions
Inciting the softest feeling
In her hard core personality
Yet through all this,she never knew
She was thinking of something
That was never meant to be
And when she finally accepts what has happened to her
The reality bumps with her dream filled world
An astonishing crash
Was that the noise
Of her little heart breaking?
With painful tears, she mourns
As she realizes
That she was thinking of something
That was never meant to be...

A New Morning

One moment,life just does'nt seem enough
Another moment,and the path looks never ending
There's the dawn, spreading a faint and rosy light
Yet a darkness remains, engulfing like a fog
I strain to look beyond it
Will I be able to embrace
The welcoming rays of the Sun?
There I see pigeons flocking together
All alike, all grey
Yet among them perches a white,
Silent, and solitary, with a searching look....
Serene is the morning,calm and quiet
Yet I hear strange voices...
Can I quieten my restless soul?
A light breeze plays with the little dewy leaves,
All look fresh, renewed with life
Yet there stands a loner sapling,
Seeming as if stuck in its past
Its Autumn mood not gone
Its dry leaves challenging the breeze
With a painful fluttering movement...
Will I be able to shed my past,
And move on to cherish a day of the Spring?
I sit there,answerless and searching.....
And slowly,a lovely warmth sinks in me
Out of the fog,there is the Sun
After many-a- wintry night,
I see the passionate glow again
The light of my life
Yes, there it is....
A smile plays across my face
As out of the blue, I recall that tender voice
The herald of the day rises
And there dawns a new morning in my life
The fog fades,I see a world more clear
But again, the brightness triggers the mind
Wont my day end into a night?
"So what?" he says,
"There's another day ahead
And forget not, the Sun is always there
It is your world
That turns away from it for a while....."
Simple though it is,
The thought has a radiant touch
Still smiling, I look at my Sun
And move on.....

All I want

The tears, their flow refuses to stop
The eyes sting and burn
The face is stained with streams of tear droplets.
I wonder , when I’ll be happy
When I’ll be relieved from the pain ,
When the emptiness will be filled ,
When my loneliness will be driven away.
All I want , is to live
All I want , is to enjoy my gifts
All I want , is to feel light

All I want , is to laugh in the bright sunlight
All I want , is to cherish the moments
The moments I spend with my loved ones
All I want , is a fairytale end to my problems
But Alas! We ourselves
Have to make our wishes come true
But I really don’t know what to do
I stand,
Amidst the crowd of strangers
On an unknown path in this strange world .

The only option , is to move on .
I feel the necessity to pass the barriers
The milestones on this path
But it hurts sometimes
To know that I’m left alone
Or I will be.
But digesting the bitter truth
Is the best I can do .
I have to move alone
And in the right direction

For all I can gain
Is only by moving on
If I leave the right path
There is no count of what I’ll lose
I know I can do it
All I want , is a hand to caress my head
Which will make me feel
That nothing can go wrong
All I want , is an arm around my shoulder
Which will be the greatest action of comfort
All I want , is a shoulder on which I can cry

When the path becomes bumpy and rough
All I want , is a hug
Which will take my worries away in no time
All I want , is an open heart
In which I can pour out my troubles
All I want , is that I get whatever I want
I wish ,that my wishes come true…

Mysteries of the mind

The wind blows,
Cool,silent but thought provoking
I sit down,shut my eyes
Take a deep breath
And look into the depths of the darkness
The violent storm rages out
The mind suppresses it
Questions bombard in the head
I hear a shriek
The wind carries with it,the echo
Then silence
Like nothing happened
I listen to the dry silent sobs
Raise my hand to comfort
Draw it back
The calm, serene night
Speaks in whispers
The breeze carries with it
The message of the coming storm
The knot in the mind tightens
Questions arise
Unanswerable,clueless, yet very meaningful
I sit and wonder
Goosebumps appear as the wind penetrates the clothing
A chill runs down the spine
I sit pondering
Trying to find the meaning
Searching for the last piece of the puzzle
But the mind remains blank
It is already so full of thoughts
There is lightning,thunder
And a din of noise
And suddenly everything is silent
The storm outside-
In the mind
Everything is calm
I get up and go,still wondering....

Touch of Hope With The Hands of Love

Walking in an empty street,
I feel lonliness driving me insane
Some bitterness, some failures
Some anger, some pain
Pierce my heart
Shattering it into pieces
A sullenness, once unknown,
Encroaches my mind
The eyes have tired out
No tears left in them
An emptiness, a hopelessness
Engulfing me completely
Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
I strain my eyes
But look in vain into complete darkness
Who do I have with me?
Why isnt there someone to share my pain?
What support do I have in this world of strangers?
I try to find the answers
But without success, I walk on
Why cant I have someone by my side?
To push me on when Im stuck
To love and guide me when Im lost?
No, there's no one there
I feel left out in the empty street
As empty as my life
And then, a drop of rain falls
Trickles down my face
One by one they increase in number
I move on without stopping
I smell the scent of the wet mud
A momentary pleasure in the solitude
The drizzle makes me wet
And a sudden shiver goes down my spine
I feel a warmth
It touches my soul
I look up at the sky
Raindrops fall on my face
And a glistening bead falls from my eye
Emotions aroused, I cry
The rain gets heavier,
Drenching more than just my skin
I release my hold
On the inner me
I let go all the pain
The killing emotions, the hurt
Dissolve in the rain, purifying my spirits
I walk on, tears mingled with raindrops
For a long time
And then the rain slows down
I stop and look up at the sky yet again
A ghost of a smile appearing on my face
Another shiver, reviving the warmth
And taking away my emptiness
A feeling emerges from the depths of my heart
The contentment of security
I realize the presence of that someone out there
Looking at me all the while
Satisfaction and happiness,
swell up like a tide
Crashing on the shores of my heart and mind
A simple bliss in the warmth of another shiver
I feel Him
His arms around me
His hands wiping my tears
His presence beside me
The rain stops
I feel as if all my pain has been swept away
I take in a fresh breath
And release my trapped soul
I let it quench its thirst for love
From the ocean He shows me
I look up again
And see a faint rainbow
And light
Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel
Im not alone
He was there, He is there and will always be with me
He has given me the answers
And all that I could ask
His mere presence makes me feel elated
Yes, I can live in this imperfect world, so full of hurdles
And conquer every pain and hurt
Because I have that someone I needed
I have the security I desired
Yes, Ive always had Him with me........

The Old Woman

She sits right there, at the corner of the street,
An old woman , in a piteous state
But the silent language her face speaks,
Surprises me to an astonishing rate

Her coal black eyes, their mystical depth,
Haunt my mind, day and night
The mystery in them is an unsolved one
They look like the sea reflecting the night skies

Her untidy hair, coloured brownish grey
Fall in locks over her wrinkled face
Her dry purple lips, pursed tightly
Give her countenance a special grace

She sits serenely, as if living in a trance
Unperturbed by the chaos around,
And stares at nothingness for hours together
Seeming to be deaf to any kind of sound

She doesnt beg, doesnt ask for money,
Just sits there quietly
But to me, her silence speaks out loud
And her expressions talk clearly

The meaning of richness, the meaning of greed
She knows not at all
All that she seems to be knowing is
That death is giving her a call

Still, she seems peaceful
As if nothing can bother her
Yet I fear, that day by day
Starvation takes the better of her

A day comes when I cant resist
The temptation to give her some food
But no! She declines my offering
And blesses me for my future good

And then comes the day
Which I feared all the way
I dont see that face there
No one sitting at the corner of the street
No sight of the coal eyes, or the brownish grey hair

I ask around and confirm
The suspicions her absence brought
Im blinded with emotion
All I do is, I let my tears drop

Terrible feelings of loss and pain
In my mind and heart,
they fill far and vast
I wonder what the reason is
Why these feelings still last

We were strangers to each other, unrecognised faces
Then why all this cry and pain?
And then I realize that she isnt there
And that Im never gonna see her again....

It was an unknown relation that we shared.....
It dawned on me that for me....she cared....
I feel the salty wet warmth on my face...
And move further life's maze....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Beggar or a Saint?

Down a deserted street,
There once lived a beggar
Whose colour was so black
Some people called him a nigger.

This beggar on this street,
Had lost his hands and feet
But though he was fragile,
He never lost his smile.

The passers-by found it strange,
The nature of this man
Cause though he struggled to exist,
He never did look wan.

He begged for food with dignity,
And he was always tireless
And those who did take pity
Were the ones whom he blessed.

He seemed to rest very little
And turned up everyday
He begged in the name of God
To the people on that way.

He seemed to be the only one,
The only wretch of his kind
Whom some pitied and most cursed,
As a shameful bane of mankind.

But he didn’t seem ashamed of his state
Nor of his poor condition
Instead he seemed quite proud,
Of something known by none.

Some people said he had a family
In the corner of the street in a hut
Which he visited very little
So that the door always remained shut.

Though three years had now passed,
His position hadn't changed
But one fine day in March,
Some difference occurred on that lane.

Nobody was begging there,
With a bowl and a dirty bag
The people passing had noticed,
That there was no sign of that man.

Instead in the corner of the street,
Some people sat mourning.
Some men who seemed blind,
And ladies with babies crying.

A few people went there
And inquired what the matter was
And were shocked when they got the answer,
About the reason of that chaos.

The old beggar whom they cursed,
Who begged at the roadside,
Had come into the way of a car
Because of which he died.

These people were in relation
With that bane of nature,
And it was them of whom he was proud
Cause he was their angelic creature.

He begged for their living
And for their food and water
And without him they couldn’t do anything
Cause there was very little energy they could muster.

The passers-by took pity,
But it was only money that they could give
After which they went away,
Leaving these people on their own to live.

In this tragic way died a saviour,
A faithful servant of the Lord
And though to us his service seems little,
For his relatives he’ll always remain God.


The poisonous snake , raises its head ,
Strikes again!
Pain , depression , sorrow..
Swell up together , mingled and swirling
In the cauldron of mind...
The anger takes shape.
Bad memories ,
Rich contributors in instigation .
Frustration , comes as a tsunami wave....
The mind broods over past disappointments
Harshness spreads on the character
Bitterness engulfs the heart
Emotions burn in rage
And turn the eyes stony , lifeless , heartless....
All this , just for a brief period
But taking away , hours of happiness
Leaving behind , no satisfaction.
People preach , teach , advise
To wring the neck of the snake
To suck out and spit the poison,
Before it spreads
But nothing works..
When clouds of anger shower the gloom
The unwantedness , the revenge .
The eyes turn blind for every other emotion
Just the seething detest flowing in the blood remains
And the mind sways , as if drunk with fury.
The motive of the snake successful ,
The poison paralyzes everything
And the ears shut the inner voice
The bitter emotions are spat in the surroundings
But the heart, the bitten child
Cries with tears of regret
And through all this,
The body suffers
Acting as a puppet of the heart and mind
Completely exhausted at the end of the battle
Rage , expressing so much power
Raises its head
And strikes again!

Life n Lessons

On a dull windy day,
I take a walk.
I look around myself
And see dullness and emptiness,
Hear silence,
Smell the staleness of the wind,
Feel the sharpness and coldness
Of the rusty gust.
And think about myself.
Life is so full of struggles,
I say to myself.
I feel I have stopped in my path
I cant take it anymore
I cant bear the pain,
Of taking another step.
But something pushes on
My inner strength , I realize
It tells me not to stop
I am too bitter to pay heed
But it grows ,
Louder by the minute.
It tells me that stopping wont shorten my path
I realize that it is right.
I listen to it,
And move on.
And the next step makes me enter
The brighter part of my path.
I enter the world of happiness
The world of joy and laughter
The world of love and solutions.
I am lifted from my dull spirit
I thank my inner strength
It says something very meaningful
Struggles are not meant to stop our life
They are meant to be barriers of learning
We have to cross them no matter how tired we are
And learn our lessons the difficult way.
But the sweet fruit of satisfaction
Borne on the tree of learning,
Makes our path all the more beautiful
Our path , called Life....


Expression – an internal emotion
Shown on the face
You see it in the eyes
You hear it in the voice
You feel it with the touch
A smile, a tear, a frown
Seen everyday on each face
Open display of our feelings

The tear-comes with birth
Shed more often
Than can be remembered
It travels from the most beautiful part
The silent,but speaking,eye
Why it chose the eye?
So that the look can melt stony hearts
So that the pain can be relieved beautifully
So that, it gives way to a serene dreamless sleep.

The frown ; some wear it always
‘Tis just a contraction of muscles
But it speaks strongly
It expresses concentration
Shows anger
Follows the doubtful thoughts
And stands upon our brow when we ponder.

The smile- Oh! So beautiful!
Though it spreads on the lips ,
It lights up the face
It brightens the mood
Makes someone’s day
Holds the flow of tears from someone’s eyes
Makes someone feel special
Attracts many and makes heads turn

Gives a pleasant feeling
Lightens the burdened spirits
Consoles a broken heart
And showers the radiance of love
The simplest, yet , the most powerful - the smile

The face – a palate for the colours of expressions
Has many more colours on it
But not everything can be put into words
After all , they are Expressions....