Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Lie Awake....

Drowsy and drunk,
Your voice cracks
The shielding case of my slumber
As you sing to me
Of love lost
My eyes mist,
While you drown yourself
In surreal affection....
You are unaware of the downpour
Yet we both know
The vessel of bliss
Shall forever remain empty...
You sing your songs, nevertheless
And with a passion
You must seldom have fathomed yourself
With uneven, shattered shards of lust...
And in moments astray
They walk back to me
Down a lane, lost sight of,
Never forgotten,
And tease my consciousness alive....
While I lie awake
Recreating your pictures
In my mind's eye...
With colours of numbness
On a bed of faded memories,
Like a bonded, listless ritual
To myself, I lie.....