Saturday, May 26, 2007


As solitude surrounds me,
I shut my eyes,

To feel the simple bliss in the moment

And there builds an image

Undoubtedly, I know what it is
I know, who it is
There you are, just before my eyes

Some mischief hidden in your lovely smile
I smile too, your presence provokes me

There you are, holding out your hand

I extend mine, too amazed for words

And in a flash, reality wakes me

"You love to dream," the mind scorns

I smile again

"Oh yes! I do," I say
I enjoy seeing my desires take shape
Oh yes, I love this illusion

Its true, I love to dream
" Do you really?" chirps the heart
"You simply love to feel"

"Oh so true you speak!" I say
I love to feel my life
I extend my hand
And pray to feel that touch

But though reality plays with me,
I content myself with the mirage
I feel that beautiful presence
And so,all I'll say is
Indeed, I love to feel

And there, the mind mocks again
"How will the world look at your eccentricity?
How will you defend your imaginary obsession?"
To you, my dear mind
I have something to convey
I care not, what the world sees me as
The world cant satisfy me, the soul

The heart is what I persuade

With these illusions, with these images
Oh my gentle heart! Will you for once see
How pure my love really is?
Not with pride, not with vanity

But built with the simplest of emotions

A block of trust, I placed at first

A handful of happiness I sprinkled
A tinge of liveliness, here and there

A shower of the spirit to share
And to all this, I added

Some satisfaction, some comfort
Some security, some authority
And there stands my monument

I still beautify it with my passion
The world says,what belongs to the heart is beautiful
I ask you, my dear heart
Will you lend my love some of your glory?
Will you accept my love as your own?

And as the question hangs in the air
The heart quietens for a while

And then it says, "I see what you show

Oh how can I possibly say no?
Your monument of love, your life

I accept
All I can possibly say is
I'm glad to see, O simple soul

That you sincerely love to love!"

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Question Of Existence

In one small corner of this spherical world
I lie awake
When the drowsy darkness overtakes the conscious
With an anxious mind
A tormented heart
And a questioning soul
"Why was I made?
Am I of any purpose?
I sense nothingness
Why was I given this tasteless life?
Work humans do for satisfaction
Tires them
Pleasure makes them indifferent
Comfort gives each one, a false sense of security
And so I see,it happens with me
Is this my past's fate?
Was this what I was supposed to do?
Am I a need?
Am I a desire?
Why in this world full of uncountable souls
Was another little ordinary spirit born?
Why, oh why, do I exist?
The gentleness of the night caresses me
The wind seems to wrap me in an embrace
The twinkling stars smile at me
And i feel my world speaking
"You were born to be yourself
To live up to what you are today
Yes, there is more in store
But everything that you call your past now
Happened to make the journey of your life stable
You are a dream
A dream of a woman
Whose womb gave you your body
You are happiness
Happiness for a girl
For whom you are indispensable
You are pride
Pride for a man who fathered you
You are love
Love for someone
Who means the world to you
You are a friend
Whose care, everyone likes to cherish
You are a human being
Made to prove the existence of humanity in this world
You are someone God promised to many
Somewhere as a daughter, somewhere as a sister
As a friend, as a lover
As a strength, as a support
As a dream, as an expectation
As a need, as a desire
Yes, you have a purpose in this world
You live your life, not for yourself
But for the many others
Whose lives you constitute
You are, above all, God's creation
In the most beautiful form you could get
Speechless with the simple truth
I wonder how i have been answered
But yes, I am satisfied
With the simple beauty of the answer
The answer to the question of my existence.....

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Choice To Love

Below the inky blue darkness of the sky
She stares across the calm terrain
As if,visualizing her life in the scenery
Her glassy eyes speak of her trance
Her mind engrossed
In thoughts,
In dreams,
In desires,
Mingled with every emotion
The soothing breeze caresses her hair
Reminding her of her longing
The gentleness of the wind
Carries with it, a touch
A warm content in a moment's gaze
Filled with a growing affection
She smiles, and with such grace
As the glowing rose petals
In the wash of the moonlight
The silence of the night whispers in her ears
She listens to the voice of the heart
Her mind enjoying the tingling sensation
Of the melancholy music of the night
She senses her spirit pushing her on
To gather her courage
A courage to love
And for once,not crush her desires
But her mind sees another world
The night sky, so silent, so serene
Yet saddened by the timeless longing
To unite with its mirror,the sea
They gaze at each other for eternity
Wanting to cherish the love they have
For each other, through countless ages
Yet all they can do
Is live on,helplessly
Their desires hidden within themselves
"Is it so?"questions her heart
"Do the skies not meet their loving reflector
At the stretch of the horizon?
Do they not enjoy the privilege
Of having their beloved before them forever?
Does the sea not delight itself
With the pleasure of reflecting its love
On its own beautiful expanse?"
"Its a matter of vision",the girl finally decides
See from the eyes of rationale
And emotions seem immature
Yet look again, from the eyes of your heart
You have your desires fulfilled
Your love with you, in you
"Yes",she says, some soothing satisfaction
Enthralling her spirit
"I choose to live with my desires unfolded
And see my world through my heart"
"Yes",she says
"I choose to love....."