Saturday, December 29, 2007


The soothing sweetness of a distant lullaby
Ringing in my ears...
The cool breeze ruffling my hair
Like the gentle caress of a mother...
The moon tries to warm my soul
With its passionately soft glow...
Yet the turmoil continues in the mind..
The heart writhes in pain...
I can't even cry...
Will the eyes allow me to?
I lie numb, like a corpse
Allowing myself to brood
Over the darkest side of me...
A twist, a turn
While I force myself to lose consciousness
But the mind rejects the calm...
Turning the pages of books
With the glassy blankness in the eyes...
Gazing out of the window in vain...
I fail to distract my thoughts...
I fail, to run away from them...
They victoriously haunt me...
And the world around looks cold, mirthless
Blanketing me with the fear of the unknown
Such a storm tormenting my existence...
Yet the night mocks at me with serenity...
Its time they smile, while I cry...
Its time, they rest in peace
Satisfied with the agony
Of my restless soul...
Another turn....sit up...and lie down...
I sigh, coz I can't scream
Yet again, I dwell in a phantasm
A night without dreams...
With the mind in a stupor
The choking emotions...
The silently killing, drowsy darkness...
Yet again....with a traumatized soul...
I lie...without sleep...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Setting Free.....

The remains of the once scented rose....
The silent blush over smiling memories....
All well buried, well hidden.....
I take back that childish assertiveness,
I withdraw that hand
I expected you to hold.....
Lovingly killing every consolidated emotion
Beautified with time....
But now dead and decaying....
Won't let anyone scavenge on my feelings...
Taking back every little moment that we called "ours"
Let them be mine alone, now, and forever....
Disintegrating every thought involving you...
I wish to be immune to love...
The numb feeling, itself giving me the resistance...
I shut my ears to the sounds
The sounds of laughter shared...
I refuse to look back at the tears
We wiped, for one another
They will,of course, remind me of you....
I stop my search for love....
I satisfy my thirst for care, with coldness.....
I refuse to recognize that short lived soul,
Who felt and lived with the most cherished emotion
And used my mortal body to dwell....
Those days, I remove
From the flashbacks of my life...
Which emasculate me,
Obstructing my view beyond.....
I lived, I loved, as much as life wished me to
No more, this pain I will bear....
I desert my wants for a comforting shoulder....
I strangle that human need....
As I attempt my love, to let you go...
As I attempt, to set you free.....

The Journey Of A Soul....

On this dusty path he stands,
Right here,at the very beginning
Trying to look beyond the visible....
And as he begins to travel,
The deceiving obstacles
Roll into his way
Like unwanted companions of the journey....
"Are you sure you wish to tread this path?" ,says one
"Know you not,what lies ahead?"
And there builds a loud of doubt....
But he does manage
To disperse the thought
"I think not of tomorrow, but of today
And that's what makes
All the difference to me...."
"You wish, my man, have your way"
And the first companion walks away
He moves further,
But fate doesn't leave him alone for long
Yet another seemingly "well" wisher,
Comes forward to walk along
"I'll stroll with you my friend
I'll take you to a world of friendly souls
You can laugh, you will rejoice
You can share your tears
You will pick up a smile
But how do you plan to look beyond
When the time will come
To leave these emotions behind?"
The temptation to stay,
To stop right there
Entices the young soul...
Yet the strength of will
Overtakes the momentary desires
"Learning to relish the present
And facing every facet of life
Is what I wish to be all about"
"Your will,my friend, move ahead....."
A turn of life,
A taste of success,
And yet again
A mate passes his way
"You have done well young man
Its time you sit back and make merry
Your success is sure to last for a lifetime
Be content, won't you?"
But life has taught him better
"To be ensconced wherever I am,
Is to kill the desire of being human
Taking yet another step
Is what makes life worth living for me..."
"Your choice,young soul
Move on and pave your path further"
And the soul takes yet another obstacle in his stride
All of them,together say
"Stop not,O brave heart!
Move,and the world will be moved with your views
Coz you are a part of this world
And the world is a part of you...."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Living In A Memory.....

Turning the yellow tatters of her diary
Attempting to relive some moments of life......

Moments of laughter,

Moments of smiles,

Moments of tears,

Moments of sighs......

Taking a sip from the wine of love

Fermented with age.....

Gulping down the warmth in her neck

She knows, it won't last for long......

Years have been spent with age old memories

Yet she fingers through them

Relishing her feelings like some new notes of music....

She smiles

As she immerses into that world...

And yet again the pages are soaked

With the silent drizzle....

Touching some unhealed wounds

She quietens her cries of pain...

"Its gone, its over

Lets leave the past alone"

Yet the condolences stabbing with regret

How long has she lived in that never ending night?
How long has she been lost

In the depths of those eyes?

Neither her diary, nor her smile
Nor the renewed shower of tears

Nor those spark-less eyes

Answer these rueful questions
'Coz no one one ever will...

Yet she dwells in her deluded world

And resumes the longing
In her timeless wait

"A morning will come

Heralding with my name

And I will see, I will love

That beautiful face again..."

There weeps the dimmed moon

Overwhelmed with grief,

Yet she clings to her decaying hope

The hope of living.....

Living with her life
With her world, with her love

With that someone...somewhere....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Letter To Mother.....

Dear Mother,
The sweat, the strain,
The struggle, the pain,
With which you have brought us up,
Has influenced my life i n every step I've taken
Your limitless, unselfish love,
Your intensive care,
Your decisions and advices
Have made it possible for me
To live life with pride
To have trust in myself
That I will be successful in whatever I'll try,
Because Mother, you have always been with me
Your support and your guidance
Has built a path for me
A path, which has made it certain
That I will achieve my goal.....
As your morals will always be impressed on my mind
Your anger gave me self discipline
And the power,
To differentiate between the right and the wrong
Your belief in God has simply made it sure for me
That He exists....
Your respect towards others
Has made your position distinct in my eyes

Your helping attitude always reminds me
That humanity still exists in this world.....
Your way of fulfilling my needs and not wishes
Made me believe
That though this world is difficult to live in,
Surviving here, isn't impossible
There is so much more I have to learn...
From your nature, and character
But Mother dear,
You will surely agree with me here
That what I've already learnt
Will never lead my life towards failure...
And though my gratitude is inexpressible towards you,
I would still like to say,
Thank You!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

For The Love Of Nature...

A windy, rugged path in the woods
Littered with golden and brown....
The memories of the beautiful spring
Still scattered around
Like a haunting reminder of happiness.....
The hushed up trees
Merely rustling to voice their grief....
The song of the cuckoo
Silenced by the encroaching darkness....
The sun bids a serene adieu
As it immerses into the depths of the horizon....
The golden beauty of the limitless skies
Shadowed by the tyranny of night
All lives surrendering to the whimsical king
I stand there, merely an onlooker
A quiet spectator to the turmoil of nature.....
I see myself being mocked
I revel in the mystique of nature's expression
And nestle in its lap
My only solace....
I let loose my pain in the wild...
It dies away like the cuckoo's song
Thoughts wither off like those golden leaves
The bitterness dissolves in the darkness
And the silence quietens my aching soul
The rustling trees swallow my distress
As nature tries to pacify some human needs....
One creation bent upon the good of another
Each one,with its own bit of sacrifice
And I stop that falling tear....
I have to smile
For the love of nature....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mon Monde Idyllique....

The silence of the night
Speaks to me
In that voice, so familiar...
The smile of the shining moon
A penetration into my dreamy trance...
The glistening of the stars
Bringing out the light in those eyes...
Those eyes, their mystifying depth
Like a hidden message
Yet to be deciphered....
Shaking off the subconscious in vain
I drown myself into the ocean of darkness...
Bathing in the coolness of the breeze
Yet a tender warmth engulfs me
The embers of emotions rekindled...
I emerge out of fantasies
Yet desires soar
Like a caged bird
Released after an eternity
Eager to spread its wings
To master its own life...
I stare at my reflection
Yet its not me that I see
I try to blink away my imagination
Yet there lies a craving
A craving for another glance...
As the image dissolves into nothingness...
As the night falls into its peaceful slumber...
As the breeze brushes past my soul...
I smile at myself
As the innocent, childish laughter
Rings in my ears again...
I continue to dwell, in my idyllic world....

Saturday, October 6, 2007


A part of their lives
Too beautiful for words

When nature gifted a bundle of joy

To a quiet little girl

"Here you are

With your own sapling to nurture
A part of you

Eager to be loved"

A strange look into those smiling eyes
A sudden spark of affection for the new born child

And thus began a journey

Of little joys, silly fights,

Big secrets, countless tears
Silent giggles, and terrifying fears

A boon for one

A bliss for the other

The closest they were, to one another

Her laughter became the happiness of the little one
Her love and care, deeply rooted in the child

The world started,

And always ended with her sister.....

Today, she sits lost in thoughts

A look at the framed memories......
The laughter, filling the rainbow with colours

Rings in her ears.....

The longing for a comforting shoulder

A gentle caress,

A loving kiss, and a warm embrace
Remind her of the happiness

The happiness of knowing that you're loved

Of each moment that they spent

Sharing themselves......

The thought of her smiling face

Makes her eyes moist.....

Yet she satisfies herself with the belief
That no matter when

And no matter where, each of the two are

For them, "sister" will always spell life....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rain dance....

The silent darkness of the clouds
Conspiring against the brightness of the sun.....
And then, a sudden playful patter
The sky flashes its thunderous smile
As the irresistible scent of wet earth
Provokes the child in her heart.....
She rushes out with gleeful excitement
A twinkle in those beautiful eyes....
She stands amidst the raining drops
Spreading her arms
Embracing infinity......
The wind playing with her hair
She takes in a soulful breath......
With the loving smile on her lips
Tears glisten in her eyes......
Yet today, she lets go of life
Reliving, for once, in the arms of the heavens
Letting the showers chastise her soul
Rejuvenate her spirit
And revive the simple bliss
In living up every moment......
She shoves off the clutches
Of baseless worries, of painful fears
As the rain drenches her skin
Satisfying her thirsty soul.....
She looks up at the welcoming sky
The raindrops kiss her smiling countenance....
She looks like a blossoming bud
Bathed in the first shower
Today, nature makes her fall in love....
In love, with herself....
She gives happiness another chance
And loses herself in the rhythm of the thunder
In the music of the monsoon
As the Gods above
Colorfully chuckle at her rain dance......

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Engourdissement Mortel...

The sound of rain, hitting viciously against the roof
The flash of the fierce lightning
As if nature is incensed by the mortals
The ruthless noise of thunder
A warning for more than what is expected
I stir,from my trance
The open- eyed sleep
Being immersed in sub conscious thoughts
And gaze again, out of the window pane
A watery vision of the sudden, immobile world
I see joy and satisfaction in those eyes
Which happily look out
And relish the showers of the monsoon
Such striking difference, between them, and me
What makes my instincts
Bend towards the darker side of life?
A question answered by emotions
The piercing pain,
Pain of losing faith in words,
The regret,
Regret of misplacing the very meaning of life
The anger,
Anger of fruitlessly reasoning with the inexplicable
The anguish,
Anguish of being left with an unanswered "Why"
All this, racing through the memories
The haunting laughter, the forgotten love
Yet, I sit in contrast with the weeping skies
The eyes are dry like the dead rose in my diary
Uncaring about the raw, open wounds
Silence engulfs my soul
As I re immerse into the depths of me
Glassy eyed
Surrounded by, a lethal numbness....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The First Meet...

The setting sun,
Washing the horizon with the final drops of gold,
The trees swaying to the tune of a light breeze...

The last song of the cuckoo

Like a note of farewell for the day...
And the living, settling for comfort

Some relief in exhaustion...

Yet I stand here idly

Looking into nothingness for an eternity...

With thoughts brimming in the mind

The heart, losing its control over emotions

I wait tirelessly

For the much anticipated...

My soul, restless with impatience

I look forward

To a timeless glance in your eyes.....

To feel your gentle touch

To drown myself in the ocean of love

As my life takes shape

Into someone as special as you....
My eyes look at the deserted, rugged path
It is yet to be glorified by your presence

They search in anxiety

For a sight of that silhouette
The human form of my desires....

All memories rush back n forth

As I attempt to take a hold on myself
Though I know it is futile....
I have to let go of me

Today, none will listen...

My heart, my mind, my soul

All possessed by passion....
All wait to get engrossed in you....

With Time at a stand still,

I wait here to lose myself in your loving embrace...
To bask in the warmth of happiness

The happiness, of fulfilled desires..

I wait here, my love, to meet you....

Saturday, July 7, 2007


I hear the sound of laughter
As bright as sunshine
Wondering, I turn back
Is that you?
I sigh, once again
Another illusion....
Another imaginary version of you...
Your gaze...your smile...
Your touch...your warmth...
Your presence...your feel...
Seconds, minutes, hours and days
Pass on, without another glance at me
The world goes round
Every soul taking a new step
On the path of life...
Yet, I stand still
Amidst the rush moving forward
Recalling every moment....
Absorbing it, cherishing it
Smiling...and reliving life again
The gentleness, the care
Giving me an inner glow of beauty
Your pure and patient heart
Teaching me the security of trust
Those beautiful eyes
Speaking the unspeakable....
I sense you lovingly hold my hand
When I find myself stumbling on the sharp rocks
The sharpness, that I wont be able to discover
You wont let me...
The playful whisper in my ears
Even the breeze reminds me
Of the soft mischief in your voice....
There you are...
How can this be false?
I see you smile at me
It gives me inexplicable joy
A happiness, that knows no limit
I shut my eyes...
Isn't this a dream?
No, it isn' still stand there...
I fall in love with you all over again...
Oh how can I push you away?
You were, you have and always will
Reside where you belong...
You will, my love, live in me...

Friday, June 1, 2007

The World Of Our Desires

The World
To your eyes,it seems strange and mysterious

To my eyes, it seems scary and dangerous
But think about the blind man round the corner
He has the best vision among us
To his eyes, the world seems beautiful
A place full of sounds and colors
A place where there are loads of things
To see,watch n enjoy
Imagine what he would see
If he had his sight
How his dreams would be shattered
How his heart would be broken
Can we not make our world beautiful for him?
So that another man does not contribute
In spoiling our world further?
The world
To your ears, its full of noise
To mine, its full of cries
There is hardly any laughter heard
But the deaf boy next door
Has the best hearing among us
To him, the world is full of melodies
There are pleasant, sweet voices
Sounds of joy everywhere
The chirping of birds
The gurgling of waters,
Everything soothing to the ear
Imagine what he would have,to listen
If he had the power to hear
How his desires to listen would fade
How his mind would fill with detest
Can we not make this world
A little more softer and sweeter for him?
So that another boy does not contribute
In spoiling our world further?
The world
For you, the path is full of barriers
For me,its a long way full of thorns n stones
But the little girl
In the small cabin by the river
Who can hardly come out
Being bound in crutches
Finds this world more amusing
Than you or me
For her,this world is full of frolic
It is an open ground
To play around
And run forever and ever
Without the fear of falling
Imagine her shock
When she would be able to walk
She would hardly find a place to set her foot
Let alone running and playing
And the fear of returning to her crutches
Always haunting her innocent mind
Can we not make some space
For the little child to fulfil her wishes?
So that another girl does not contribute
In spoiling our world further?
For you,this world is filled with rudeness
For me,it is a din of abuses
But the young lady,your neighbour
Who remains silent, being mute
Finds the gift of voice
More interesting than you or me
For her,it is a blessing to be able to speak
To be able to express and share our thoughts, in words
Imagine how she would feel
When she would be able to speak
She would hardly be given a chance
To voice her opinions
Seeing how she was not being heard,
She would forget the difference
Between her present and past
Can we not make this world a little peaceful?
To listen to this lady's voice
To listen to her songs
Eager to escape her throat for years?
So that another woman does not contribute
In spoiling this world further?
If not for ourselves
Can we not improve our surroundings
For these people?
Our thoughts are destroyed
Our desires,unfulfilled
Our voices,unheard
But why let the same happen with others?
Why repel and rebel and make our world worse?
For once,let's forget ourselves
Just one time
Let's do something for others
And then,
We will surprisingly find ourselves
More at peace than we ever were
For, the things we do
To make such people happy
Will fulfill our desires,though unknowingly
Just once,only once
Let's see from the eyes of the blind man
Let's hear from the ears of the deaf boy
Let's walk into the world of the li'l girl with crutches
Let's speak with the voice of the mute woman
And we will find a world more beautiful
Filled with your wishes,my thoughts
Your concern, my love
The world, of our desires....

Saturday, May 26, 2007


As solitude surrounds me,
I shut my eyes,

To feel the simple bliss in the moment

And there builds an image

Undoubtedly, I know what it is
I know, who it is
There you are, just before my eyes

Some mischief hidden in your lovely smile
I smile too, your presence provokes me

There you are, holding out your hand

I extend mine, too amazed for words

And in a flash, reality wakes me

"You love to dream," the mind scorns

I smile again

"Oh yes! I do," I say
I enjoy seeing my desires take shape
Oh yes, I love this illusion

Its true, I love to dream
" Do you really?" chirps the heart
"You simply love to feel"

"Oh so true you speak!" I say
I love to feel my life
I extend my hand
And pray to feel that touch

But though reality plays with me,
I content myself with the mirage
I feel that beautiful presence
And so,all I'll say is
Indeed, I love to feel

And there, the mind mocks again
"How will the world look at your eccentricity?
How will you defend your imaginary obsession?"
To you, my dear mind
I have something to convey
I care not, what the world sees me as
The world cant satisfy me, the soul

The heart is what I persuade

With these illusions, with these images
Oh my gentle heart! Will you for once see
How pure my love really is?
Not with pride, not with vanity

But built with the simplest of emotions

A block of trust, I placed at first

A handful of happiness I sprinkled
A tinge of liveliness, here and there

A shower of the spirit to share
And to all this, I added

Some satisfaction, some comfort
Some security, some authority
And there stands my monument

I still beautify it with my passion
The world says,what belongs to the heart is beautiful
I ask you, my dear heart
Will you lend my love some of your glory?
Will you accept my love as your own?

And as the question hangs in the air
The heart quietens for a while

And then it says, "I see what you show

Oh how can I possibly say no?
Your monument of love, your life

I accept
All I can possibly say is
I'm glad to see, O simple soul

That you sincerely love to love!"

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Question Of Existence

In one small corner of this spherical world
I lie awake
When the drowsy darkness overtakes the conscious
With an anxious mind
A tormented heart
And a questioning soul
"Why was I made?
Am I of any purpose?
I sense nothingness
Why was I given this tasteless life?
Work humans do for satisfaction
Tires them
Pleasure makes them indifferent
Comfort gives each one, a false sense of security
And so I see,it happens with me
Is this my past's fate?
Was this what I was supposed to do?
Am I a need?
Am I a desire?
Why in this world full of uncountable souls
Was another little ordinary spirit born?
Why, oh why, do I exist?
The gentleness of the night caresses me
The wind seems to wrap me in an embrace
The twinkling stars smile at me
And i feel my world speaking
"You were born to be yourself
To live up to what you are today
Yes, there is more in store
But everything that you call your past now
Happened to make the journey of your life stable
You are a dream
A dream of a woman
Whose womb gave you your body
You are happiness
Happiness for a girl
For whom you are indispensable
You are pride
Pride for a man who fathered you
You are love
Love for someone
Who means the world to you
You are a friend
Whose care, everyone likes to cherish
You are a human being
Made to prove the existence of humanity in this world
You are someone God promised to many
Somewhere as a daughter, somewhere as a sister
As a friend, as a lover
As a strength, as a support
As a dream, as an expectation
As a need, as a desire
Yes, you have a purpose in this world
You live your life, not for yourself
But for the many others
Whose lives you constitute
You are, above all, God's creation
In the most beautiful form you could get
Speechless with the simple truth
I wonder how i have been answered
But yes, I am satisfied
With the simple beauty of the answer
The answer to the question of my existence.....

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Choice To Love

Below the inky blue darkness of the sky
She stares across the calm terrain
As if,visualizing her life in the scenery
Her glassy eyes speak of her trance
Her mind engrossed
In thoughts,
In dreams,
In desires,
Mingled with every emotion
The soothing breeze caresses her hair
Reminding her of her longing
The gentleness of the wind
Carries with it, a touch
A warm content in a moment's gaze
Filled with a growing affection
She smiles, and with such grace
As the glowing rose petals
In the wash of the moonlight
The silence of the night whispers in her ears
She listens to the voice of the heart
Her mind enjoying the tingling sensation
Of the melancholy music of the night
She senses her spirit pushing her on
To gather her courage
A courage to love
And for once,not crush her desires
But her mind sees another world
The night sky, so silent, so serene
Yet saddened by the timeless longing
To unite with its mirror,the sea
They gaze at each other for eternity
Wanting to cherish the love they have
For each other, through countless ages
Yet all they can do
Is live on,helplessly
Their desires hidden within themselves
"Is it so?"questions her heart
"Do the skies not meet their loving reflector
At the stretch of the horizon?
Do they not enjoy the privilege
Of having their beloved before them forever?
Does the sea not delight itself
With the pleasure of reflecting its love
On its own beautiful expanse?"
"Its a matter of vision",the girl finally decides
See from the eyes of rationale
And emotions seem immature
Yet look again, from the eyes of your heart
You have your desires fulfilled
Your love with you, in you
"Yes",she says, some soothing satisfaction
Enthralling her spirit
"I choose to live with my desires unfolded
And see my world through my heart"
"Yes",she says
"I choose to love....."

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Nature-our mother
There is so much to learn
So much to feel
So much to understand in her ways

The little spider crawling there
Among the leafless shrubs
With tireless spirit and lots of pain
It weaves its intricate web
Glistening in the sunlight
But Oh!There snaps a cord
There breaks a thread
Its world partly destroyed
By a thorn here
And a strong breeze there
Nevertheless it faces its fate
Moves on and recreates its world
Leaving its past abandoned
All with the help of its strength
To move on,and start afresh

Nature-our mother
There is so much to learn
So much to feel
So much to understand in her ways

A tiny caterpillar
Camouflaging with the green leaves
Of a rain-bathed plant
Prepares itself
To build around itself
A lovely house of silk threads
It waits in its coccoon for long
To grow and turn into a beautiful butterfly
All this pain,all this hard work
Merely for a two-day lifespan of beauty
Yet it does not stop living
Why?It is bestowed with such a life
By its very own mother Nature
It accepts its destiny without question

Nature-our mother
There is so much to learn
So much to feel
So much to understand in her ways

A huge rose shrub
Sits in a garden
Adorned both by beauty and pain
This lovely shrub
Faces every emotion
Pride, in the beauty of its roses
Happiness,in the awe of its spectators
Protection, in the presence of its thorns
Shame, in its infliction of pain
Upon its patrons,who desire to cherish its scented pride
And pain,sheer pain
When its loveable roses are plucked
Imparting to it,the lesson
That beauty does not always remain
There sits the rose shrub
Apparently lifeless
Yet filled with so much of emotion

Nature is our mother
And the greatest teacher
There is so much to learn
So much to feel
So much to understand in her ways....

Something Never Meant To Be

As plain and simple as she was
She never thought it would happen
Her little heart fluttered
It skipped beats now and then
The soaring feeling of happiness
Butterflies in the stomach
And smiling thoughts
But through all this she never knew
She was thinking of something
That was never meant to be
Her eyes lay on various things
Yet that one thought
Always provoking her heart and mind
"I am not made for all this",she said
But her little eyes built up big dreams
Her subconscious emotions
Inciting the softest feeling
In her hard core personality
Yet through all this,she never knew
She was thinking of something
That was never meant to be
And when she finally accepts what has happened to her
The reality bumps with her dream filled world
An astonishing crash
Was that the noise
Of her little heart breaking?
With painful tears, she mourns
As she realizes
That she was thinking of something
That was never meant to be...

A New Morning

One moment,life just does'nt seem enough
Another moment,and the path looks never ending
There's the dawn, spreading a faint and rosy light
Yet a darkness remains, engulfing like a fog
I strain to look beyond it
Will I be able to embrace
The welcoming rays of the Sun?
There I see pigeons flocking together
All alike, all grey
Yet among them perches a white,
Silent, and solitary, with a searching look....
Serene is the morning,calm and quiet
Yet I hear strange voices...
Can I quieten my restless soul?
A light breeze plays with the little dewy leaves,
All look fresh, renewed with life
Yet there stands a loner sapling,
Seeming as if stuck in its past
Its Autumn mood not gone
Its dry leaves challenging the breeze
With a painful fluttering movement...
Will I be able to shed my past,
And move on to cherish a day of the Spring?
I sit there,answerless and searching.....
And slowly,a lovely warmth sinks in me
Out of the fog,there is the Sun
After many-a- wintry night,
I see the passionate glow again
The light of my life
Yes, there it is....
A smile plays across my face
As out of the blue, I recall that tender voice
The herald of the day rises
And there dawns a new morning in my life
The fog fades,I see a world more clear
But again, the brightness triggers the mind
Wont my day end into a night?
"So what?" he says,
"There's another day ahead
And forget not, the Sun is always there
It is your world
That turns away from it for a while....."
Simple though it is,
The thought has a radiant touch
Still smiling, I look at my Sun
And move on.....

All I want

The tears, their flow refuses to stop
The eyes sting and burn
The face is stained with streams of tear droplets.
I wonder , when I’ll be happy
When I’ll be relieved from the pain ,
When the emptiness will be filled ,
When my loneliness will be driven away.
All I want , is to live
All I want , is to enjoy my gifts
All I want , is to feel light

All I want , is to laugh in the bright sunlight
All I want , is to cherish the moments
The moments I spend with my loved ones
All I want , is a fairytale end to my problems
But Alas! We ourselves
Have to make our wishes come true
But I really don’t know what to do
I stand,
Amidst the crowd of strangers
On an unknown path in this strange world .

The only option , is to move on .
I feel the necessity to pass the barriers
The milestones on this path
But it hurts sometimes
To know that I’m left alone
Or I will be.
But digesting the bitter truth
Is the best I can do .
I have to move alone
And in the right direction

For all I can gain
Is only by moving on
If I leave the right path
There is no count of what I’ll lose
I know I can do it
All I want , is a hand to caress my head
Which will make me feel
That nothing can go wrong
All I want , is an arm around my shoulder
Which will be the greatest action of comfort
All I want , is a shoulder on which I can cry

When the path becomes bumpy and rough
All I want , is a hug
Which will take my worries away in no time
All I want , is an open heart
In which I can pour out my troubles
All I want , is that I get whatever I want
I wish ,that my wishes come true…