Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mon Monde Idyllique....

The silence of the night
Speaks to me
In that voice, so familiar...
The smile of the shining moon
A penetration into my dreamy trance...
The glistening of the stars
Bringing out the light in those eyes...
Those eyes, their mystifying depth
Like a hidden message
Yet to be deciphered....
Shaking off the subconscious in vain
I drown myself into the ocean of darkness...
Bathing in the coolness of the breeze
Yet a tender warmth engulfs me
The embers of emotions rekindled...
I emerge out of fantasies
Yet desires soar
Like a caged bird
Released after an eternity
Eager to spread its wings
To master its own life...
I stare at my reflection
Yet its not me that I see
I try to blink away my imagination
Yet there lies a craving
A craving for another glance...
As the image dissolves into nothingness...
As the night falls into its peaceful slumber...
As the breeze brushes past my soul...
I smile at myself
As the innocent, childish laughter
Rings in my ears again...
I continue to dwell, in my idyllic world....

Saturday, October 6, 2007


A part of their lives
Too beautiful for words

When nature gifted a bundle of joy

To a quiet little girl

"Here you are

With your own sapling to nurture
A part of you

Eager to be loved"

A strange look into those smiling eyes
A sudden spark of affection for the new born child

And thus began a journey

Of little joys, silly fights,

Big secrets, countless tears
Silent giggles, and terrifying fears

A boon for one

A bliss for the other

The closest they were, to one another

Her laughter became the happiness of the little one
Her love and care, deeply rooted in the child

The world started,

And always ended with her sister.....

Today, she sits lost in thoughts

A look at the framed memories......
The laughter, filling the rainbow with colours

Rings in her ears.....

The longing for a comforting shoulder

A gentle caress,

A loving kiss, and a warm embrace
Remind her of the happiness

The happiness of knowing that you're loved

Of each moment that they spent

Sharing themselves......

The thought of her smiling face

Makes her eyes moist.....

Yet she satisfies herself with the belief
That no matter when

And no matter where, each of the two are

For them, "sister" will always spell life....