Monday, April 28, 2014

Interwoven- VI

It's not about love.
Love comes and goes
Like bouts of coming alive...
Like tufts of air,
Stuck within
One sinking...
 It's about those other things...
The sting of the wasp
Among the petals tender...
The still-born night...
The relentless branches
Of an ageing tree,
Gasping for a breeze...
The apprehension 
Of a storm,
That never arrives...
The unkept secrets
Like fireflies...
Dripping in the inky blue...
The memory of clinking
Wind chimes, that echoes
A deja vu
When all goes quiet...
This, I would miss
About you.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thinking of You....

When I think of you
I think of conspiracies
Like Chinese whispers
Among constellations,
Until the moon decides
To call it a night....
When I think of you
The breeze chuckles
Through my hair...
I hear you smile
Uncannily close,
While I'm blindfolded
Groping, in an unworthy real...
You strike me sometimes,
An odd note
In a monotonous symphony...
Like I've jumped up 
From a dream,
And numbed back to a slumber....
The memory of your smell
Like a silhouette 
In an unyielding crowd,
Walking away...
An unanswered beckon....
And my feet, in a quicksand....
I seek you then
In poetry, threadbare...
Peeking through its blinds
For one fleeting glimpse....
You stand there, washed
By tender sunbeams
And I turn into gold
In your alchemy.... 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Let's Pretend...

So let's pretend
I never knew
What it meant,
To soak my soul
In the summer sweat
Of your relentless clutches...
And quiver in frisson
Like a humming bird
Flying through my senses
At the buoyant whisper
Of your footfall....
And let's make- believe
A world,
Where we were yet to know,
That sunshine spelt out
Your shadow
In mine....
And all the wrath
Unaccounted for,
Out of those missing pieces
Of my puzzle,
That you walk away from
Each day.
Let's conjure
A wilderness...
Where each blossom
Did not pick at my heart,
For seeking belonging
In your arid afterglow....
Would our years
Spin sooner then,
So time would race
To keep up with desire?
Would rainbows suspend
Their splitting colours,
So the breathless rain
Could beckon us
To drench one another
In the amalgamation
Of our amorphous beings?
I wonder what,
If not....

Monday, April 7, 2014

Interwoven- V

To you, I'd say
Stop by my garden
On a full moon's....
Seat yourself tender
On my empty bench...
Fish for the lashes,
Palanquins of secrets
In the summer breeze...
Dance in your mind
To my neighbor's piano...
He woos the night,
To carry away
The remnants 
Of his burnt letters...
And maybe, the wind
Shall bring to you,
The intoxication 
Of his ancient brews...
With it, shall you inhale
The dying slur
Of molten wax,
That sat on my window sill
Expecting your call...
You shall hear the tiptoe
Of the star,
Exhausted centuries ago
Its echoes
Still illuminating my shadows...
Drench your feet
In the ephemeral dew
That may not see another day....
And delve into
The dreamy cricket's banter,

To ascertain the music
Of my unkempt moods...
For on the clouds
Shall I perch and chuckle,
Like a raindrop
Peeking at your vagaries...
You'll never know when
I shall land on your lips....
Like the sigh of a kiss
In a moment's spill....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


And now you seek
The uncharted,

That  has greased the hinges
Of my closed doors...
I can hear you knock,
You tug at my knots,
I tremble at the thought
Of unravelling...
And yet, that quiet journey,
Which dances in the tales
Brewing in your eyes,
Entices my fear
To surrender the throne,
That you yearned
To own...
My clouds take heed
Of your cuckoo's cry,
And they know,
The bloom is to arrive....
So I'm groping the depths
Of my darkness again,
Murmuring in hope
That you keep
A look-out...
For I shall slip
That key, underneath...