Sunday, July 20, 2014

Exhuming the Human....

Tinges of sanity
In watery strokes...
Painted across a landscape,
Of what they proudly call
Where weakness is run over,
And incapability is blamed,
On that poor dog
Which had merely tried
To cross over...
For the world knew
It always stood
Unaccounted for.
Where the voices within,
Are being silenced
With strategy...
As imagination is carefully tamed,
By repeated fables
Of lonely survival...
And swarms of machines
Are joining the stampede
With priceless perfection...
So their stars can hear,
That the fittest stood towering
In the battlefield...
Only to look around
At the piles of lifeless dreams....
Which wanted to sing
On softer notes...
And I wonder
How all that we believed
To be music to our ears,
Has suddenly turned
Into a tasteless din...
Are we still playing parts
In the makeshift arrangement
Of humanity?

Upon Your Sleeping Eyes....

The noose of distance
Threatens to throttle...
Hearts enduring
A yearning...
Unfathomable, endless
As I dream walk
Into the freedom
Of your arms...
As I tingle
With the taste
Of discreet tears...
Their salts
Reducing my desire,
To whispering embers...
That smoulder away
Into the stealthy night...
Which steals your shadows
From my lashes,
Where I once trapped them
Hoping to weave us together...
Like melodies
Dripping in an aged wine,
Playing faint
On a crackling jukebox...
And I lay threadbare...
To the ruthless wind,
That gnaws at my bones...
Eagerly waiting
To drown my sighs,
Into its own abyss...
But I hold back
My trump card,
The kiss of dawn...
When the Sun shall blush
At your windowsill,
And lay the drizzle
Of my tired lips,
Upon your sleeping eyes....

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Butterfly in Tatters...

A butterfly in tatters...
Its colours, fading away...
Like the fate of a tree
Banished by a storm...
Except blue.
Cold. Violent.
And I couldn't put it together again,
The butterfly in tatters....
I spent my tears
On your decay,
Hoping there was an answer
To your fragility...
But you
Ceased to remain.
I held you to the Sun,
I begged the Spring
To rejuvenate
Your glimmer,
That once was...
To seize 
Your shortlived destiny
With my helpless mortality...
But you, unperturbed
Lay there...
Unfastened, broken
Like a butterfly in tatters....

In Faint Remembrance....

Do they tug at you
Like you can re-spin them
Around your hours
That lost their track,
Unaccounted for?
Does your shadow
Play a reminder,
Of someone you saw
But forget?
Is your palette empty?
Is the canvas chipped?
What ignites your rage
In a sea of calm,
What is it that you can't forgive?
Are there wounds? Are they raw?
Or have you filled them up
With the sands of your silences?
You stare across
Listless in wondering
What amuses your nerves so?
I faintly recall
Your shy laughter....
Did you lend it to them too?
Do words make the same meaning
In your version of reality?
Why do you hide
Behind the hedges
Of tampered security?
Is it tiring there?
Is it lonesome?
Have we taken away from you
What it took to be you?
Which one was you?
Then, or now?
I can hardly remember the difference....

Interwoven- VII

Tie your breath to mine
Before its warmth
Sweats off my lips...
And stain my skin
With your fingertips...
So your touch can tend
To my restless dreams....
Hold me to your bosom,
As we writhe, apart...
So our realities
Remain entwined,
Like pain
With a broken heart...
Write your name
With wisps of smoke,
On the wind
Playing in my hair....
And whisper your longing
Into the sails
Of paperboats....
Dancing in the morning puddles.....
For the darkness
That resides,
Beneath the creases
Of my eyes,
Aches to surrender
To a slumber again...
Where your folds blanket
My shivering soul...
While your clouds respite
My moonless skies...