Saturday, November 24, 2007

Living In A Memory.....

Turning the yellow tatters of her diary
Attempting to relive some moments of life......

Moments of laughter,

Moments of smiles,

Moments of tears,

Moments of sighs......

Taking a sip from the wine of love

Fermented with age.....

Gulping down the warmth in her neck

She knows, it won't last for long......

Years have been spent with age old memories

Yet she fingers through them

Relishing her feelings like some new notes of music....

She smiles

As she immerses into that world...

And yet again the pages are soaked

With the silent drizzle....

Touching some unhealed wounds

She quietens her cries of pain...

"Its gone, its over

Lets leave the past alone"

Yet the condolences stabbing with regret

How long has she lived in that never ending night?
How long has she been lost

In the depths of those eyes?

Neither her diary, nor her smile
Nor the renewed shower of tears

Nor those spark-less eyes

Answer these rueful questions
'Coz no one one ever will...

Yet she dwells in her deluded world

And resumes the longing
In her timeless wait

"A morning will come

Heralding with my name

And I will see, I will love

That beautiful face again..."

There weeps the dimmed moon

Overwhelmed with grief,

Yet she clings to her decaying hope

The hope of living.....

Living with her life
With her world, with her love

With that someone...somewhere....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Letter To Mother.....

Dear Mother,
The sweat, the strain,
The struggle, the pain,
With which you have brought us up,
Has influenced my life i n every step I've taken
Your limitless, unselfish love,
Your intensive care,
Your decisions and advices
Have made it possible for me
To live life with pride
To have trust in myself
That I will be successful in whatever I'll try,
Because Mother, you have always been with me
Your support and your guidance
Has built a path for me
A path, which has made it certain
That I will achieve my goal.....
As your morals will always be impressed on my mind
Your anger gave me self discipline
And the power,
To differentiate between the right and the wrong
Your belief in God has simply made it sure for me
That He exists....
Your respect towards others
Has made your position distinct in my eyes

Your helping attitude always reminds me
That humanity still exists in this world.....
Your way of fulfilling my needs and not wishes
Made me believe
That though this world is difficult to live in,
Surviving here, isn't impossible
There is so much more I have to learn...
From your nature, and character
But Mother dear,
You will surely agree with me here
That what I've already learnt
Will never lead my life towards failure...
And though my gratitude is inexpressible towards you,
I would still like to say,
Thank You!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

For The Love Of Nature...

A windy, rugged path in the woods
Littered with golden and brown....
The memories of the beautiful spring
Still scattered around
Like a haunting reminder of happiness.....
The hushed up trees
Merely rustling to voice their grief....
The song of the cuckoo
Silenced by the encroaching darkness....
The sun bids a serene adieu
As it immerses into the depths of the horizon....
The golden beauty of the limitless skies
Shadowed by the tyranny of night
All lives surrendering to the whimsical king
I stand there, merely an onlooker
A quiet spectator to the turmoil of nature.....
I see myself being mocked
I revel in the mystique of nature's expression
And nestle in its lap
My only solace....
I let loose my pain in the wild...
It dies away like the cuckoo's song
Thoughts wither off like those golden leaves
The bitterness dissolves in the darkness
And the silence quietens my aching soul
The rustling trees swallow my distress
As nature tries to pacify some human needs....
One creation bent upon the good of another
Each one,with its own bit of sacrifice
And I stop that falling tear....
I have to smile
For the love of nature....