Monday, May 16, 2016

Post-its in my mind...

I need to write.
I've not spoken
To you, in a while.
How have you been?
What have you seen?
How many songs
Did you not sing today?
Which tree
Is your secret keeper?
How long
Since you looked up from the phone
And saw
Unmediated reality?
Is there any?
Will we ever know?
Will we look into
Each other's eyes
And see content?
Will we seek it?
Will there be a moment
In time,
When you and I
Will coalesce
And believe
That you are
What you've wanted to be?
They're just thoughts
I've been having,
Pondering away the futile...
While you were looking
Through the mirror,
Waiting to let out a sigh...
So tell me,
How have you been?
Where have you wandered?
What have you seen?