Thursday, August 29, 2013


Bring me a cup of fire
And let your stars
Lap up my cold
For the chills
Of this rain soaked summer
Are getting to me.
My leaves are melting
Into your ochre silence...
The autumn in you
Reminds me of a season forgotten...
Buried slowly
Into the reaches,
Of the brimming soil...
In this quick sand,
Give me a hand.
Firm and tender...
For I refuse
To sweat my way
Through this wilderness
Once more....

Monday, August 5, 2013

An ode to Her release....

For she was in love with the sky
Her heart at his feet
But head held high...

And as the music of the universe
Wrenched her soul to bits
She drank from the somnolent night

His brow shimmered under the stars
Her eyes filled with his smoke
But her mouth, ruthlessly dry...

In reminiscence, very little she spoke
For her hands had long a-frozen
Skimming his uncertain waters...

Yet as she went through the looking glass
To rescue her fate from his
She smiled in a whisper one last time...

And released him from the nooks
As he slipped off the rain-kissed leaf
And vapourized from her life...

Defeated though, she was in his musings
Perilously wrecked in the salvage
This indent her heart would fail to belie

That she would remain
On a perennial high...
That she would remain
In love with her sky....