Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I just want to love you for a day....

Deep into your eyes
I will condense my passion...
Right into your soul
Will I rub the ashes
Of my singeing heart...
Closer to my breath
Will I draw your shivering being
For I just want to love you for a day.....
With a tenderness I've never known
Let me lock away those tresses
That cloud your countenance
And play across my strings...
As I run across the fields
That spread from your nape
And trap your giggles
In the nooks of my memory
For I just want to love you for a day.....
As the gurgling streams
Of untamed yearning
Meander through the inches
Of my fixated body...
Let me ensnare you in my arms
And take over your life
As a lost chapter of my own
For I just want to love you for a day......

Sunday, February 17, 2013

There I am....

There I am
Hidden somewhere
In a hundred pages
Torn edges
Of tender memories....
Dripping from those corners
Are blissful nothings
I spent, basking
In the shy glimpses
You blew my way
With the silence of your hazel eyes.....
There lurks somewhere
The makings of a We
From a You and Me
In blatant blue
Written uncertainly
Then crossed out
Erroneous in a zephyr of emotion.....
Folded away, tattered I lie
In your desperate attempts
To look away
Yet there always stand out
Beneath scribbled mundane
Pages you wish you never tore....
There I am
Waiting for you...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Opekkha... (The Wait)

You've broken my fences....
It's time again.
To look for a chance
From under the arch of my palm....
As I wait for my insides
To silence their turmoil......
For a silhouette
Is beginning to take shape
From the last drops
Of the setting Sun.....
I hear the music
Of your footfalls
In the mischievous flurry
That tickles the leaves.....
And everything begins to sing
The gleeful drops of rain
Carry your being to my heart.....
Immersed in the perfume
Of the tender loving Earth.....