Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Breathe Me In...

I'm the last rose
She sat on
To brew her golden delight...
I'm the twinkle
In that tree,
That changed the whispers
Of the night....
I'm the saffron
Of the dreamy Sun,
Dancing across
Your mischievous smile...
I'm the last ring
Of your serenity,
That leaves your mouth
Like a kiss in flight...
Breathe me in
And listen to my song,
For I'm the child
Of your ensnared mind...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

And I Walk Along...

People, of colour
Off colour
Pass by
Animated, painted
Solemn, and matte...
Grazing across
Past destinies
On this potholed concrete...
Shocked into life
With every bounce...
I'm stranded
Under that same old tree
But the highway unknown
This once...
And I chance
Upon your face
In a shapeless vehicle...
Brazen, as it drives away
Into the neon night...
Were you there?
Or was it just
My version of you?
Breaking off,
I realize,
I'm covered with splashes
Of your dirty water.
Drenched, tainted
I continue to walk along...

Friday, September 20, 2013

My Mundane Moan...

I'm stirring it over
In drunken concentrics
Like my mind's eye...
The focus seeps
Through cracks...
Across the bars
Of my lashes
Lies a dream
I'm unsure of...
Or was it a deja vu?
Little puddles
Crippling my morning tea,
Tell me stories
From last night's storm...
I'm listening
And wondering,
Whether it's still dark
Am I stuck
Somewhere within a dawn?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Of Storms....And Seas...

You are my broken mirror
And I, your storm
Watch you
As you overshadow
The blackest cloud
And drizzle down
To consume the sea...
Your name has drifted ashore...
I know not why
The sands of time
Don't wipe it away
This instance.
I am floating away
On that unmanned boat
For a drop to drink....
While you continue
To burn the expanse
With your salty tears....
Wipe them dry now
For I've met my horizon....
And I set you free
Once again
To consummate the sea...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hold On There...

I'm filled
With your icicles
Of blue green dreams
Webs of laughter
And perilous glances...
I'm blinking away
The swift frames
Of the inevitable...
While you hide behind
Those gestures
Seemingly unsaid,
Even though I brim
With their volumes...
I see you beckoning
At the curve
As you wait for me
To catch up...
Hold on there
At the foot of that mountain
Across which lies
The resting Sun
I'm running across
The circles of chance
To my phoenix of fate
With all my baggage
Left behind....


Yours is a memory of pain
Just a trickle
That spills off your smile...
Everytime I see it
Almost tethered to a moment...
Waiting to escape
From the clutches
Of my stagnant desire...
Dazzling under the forest
Of your whimsical brow,
Are those eyes
Within which
I saw my reflection once...
In a dream, perhaps...
A brisk brush
Like that of your lust drenched skin
Against mine, parched with thirst...
Brings me back
To my next interim
Of uncertainty...
You're floating midair
Like my soluble thoughts
Dissolving swiftly
Into an abyss, called Past
Sometimes, your smell
Still infuriates my senses....