Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Slip...

Your lips shatter
Into a brilliance
Of untainted arcs...
And I pull them together
As your smile slips
Into my soul...
Like a peek
Into the well,
Of which
Legends remain silent....
For words have little
To ensnare,
All that you gave away
In a glimpse...
Something flickers
In the distance...
And I know
That I own,
A clearing
In your mist...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Interwoven- IV

I seek you in blue
For you colour the sky
That sits playfully
Atop my brow,
While I bask
In your undone smiles...
And the hearty laughter
Of that notorious neon,
Adorns your face
With my spotlight....
You shimmer,
And astonishingly
I can grasp you...
You don't glow away in the dark...
You, unabashed,
Shall stay by my candlelight
And burn in my desire....

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Interwoven- III

You are unspoken...
You are lost...
And there is a spot
In this wilderness,
Where I run
To hide,
When I can hear you
Beating in my veins...
That star
Which you sung to,
Has brought me
At your doorstep...
I've stolen a rainbow
To surprise your butterflies...
And they rejoice,
As they knit
Your dreams
Into the sunshine of my mind...
At last,
I know...
You are almost there
Somewhere close...

Friday, January 10, 2014

Interwoven- II

And then one day
You asked me
How I was taken
By your smile...
An attempt
At breaking through
This glass,
I saw red
And switched off....
For words,
They deserted me
In the death of darkness....
I still seek
That oasis,
Where people launch
Into magical allusions
To nature's mysteries...
To bestow
Upon meaning,
A manifestation....
But each time
I walk through
A despairing mirage....
With that inkling
Of grasping,
A fleeting glimpse
Of your reflection....
In the agitated waters
Of momentary disenchantment...
And somewhere, I believe...
That maybe
I have touched upon
An ounce of truth
In the real...
Like a grain of sand
In my eye...
Floating away
In blinks...
With the rest of this empty universe...

Interwoven- I

You shared with me
That cold moment
Of inherent weakness
When my legs shivered
And eyes shrunk
At a chance of shame....
You stood there
And your eyes said,
You didn't want to go....
But subtle touches
Of a social animal,
Intent to build a wall
At the sight of attack,
Overtook my sensation....
As I looked through you
And asked you to leave....