Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Untitled musings...

Little soldiers in the dark
Beating haplessly
In choppy waters...
Eyes below the level
Breath above the voices
They are calling...
And I'm sitting here, idle
In the smoke
Of a wishful void....
They arrive
But the horses are blind
And it's cold
When you wade
Across the river
On a moonless night....
I'm counting the stars
But my fingers
Are coming to an end....
Take me away
Before the forests turn you
Into one of their own....
I'm waiting
But, for how long?

Friday, June 21, 2013


They ask me why
I look for you
Among the starry blossom
On mossy waters...
They ask me why
Each gust of wind
Carries your lonely breath
In its flavour...
They ask me why
My forgotten winter
Is a prisoner,
Of decayed memories
Like broken songs strung together...
And I stifle
A drenched smile
Into the safe clasp
Of a shaken soul....
For they know not
That I'm sentenced
To a lifetime
Of your untethered sighs....
For they know not
That I'm sentenced
To the dreamless dungeons
Of your watery lies....
For they know not
That I'm sentenced
To the hazel depths
Of your burning eyes....

Monday, June 10, 2013


I grope
In the dead of darkness
For the voice
I once sought
To be my own...
Hazy silhouettes
From several lives ago
Dance into the vanishing horizon
As a forlorn melody
Plays to the spasms
Of my singeing soul....
You stand there smiling
Drenched in the rain
While I burn noiselessly
Amidst the floating remains...
I can't be sure
If it's the curtain of dawn
Or the beckon of dusk
For time has long given up
On the thought of me....
As I continue to stare
Into a reality
Sewn together
From handpicked illusions....

And I draw
With the kiss of my finger
Wispy outlines

Of your effigy....

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

And I write for you again....

As the dawn arrests
The virginity of this night
I soothe my listless nerves
With incoherent musings
That remain scattered
Somewhere in the sheaves
Of all that I've left broken
In our silences
And I write for you again....
Relieved from the leash
Of those unmagical promises
That desperate hearts
Tend to make...
While I quiver with the thirst
I never managed to quench
After your first touch....
And as I wander
Into the forests
Of musical reminiscence
I hear your heartbeat
Dancing to the tunes
Of my unfinished breath...
And I sigh, a smiling murmur
As I write for you again.....