Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Dream....

Once, I too had a dream
But then, I loaned it
To the star gazers...
And as they encrusted 
Its hems, with gems
From Pandora's box,
The midnight child
Cried her last tear
Into the Styx....
The headless fields
Ran into the arms
Of the ink blue wind....
As the last page blazed
Away from my secrets,
Into the deep
And disappeared.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Broken Lamp post...

The Sun decided to meet the Moon today
While I sat underneath
Watching the sky
Torn apart,
Eaten away by desire...
Not much longer
Said the wise old cricket
As I apprehended
The rickety framework of nature....
I prayed,
For a moment of chance
To take over...
A pause before the inevitable
And they can triumph
Over conventions....
The clouds scorned
As I wished away my senses....
While the bulb crackled
From the lamp post...
With the weight
Of unbridled emotion...
They cried
I watched
And someone, somewhere
Let out a cold sigh....

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throw me a dime...

Throw me a dime
Pay me a price
For I have pawned my soul...
At your doorstep
I stand...
With nothing, but pride
Covering my body...
Chipped away 
At your behest...
Beneath catcalls
And whispers
Lie my memories...
Counting their days
Before the ashes
Haunt the air
From the tip
Of your midnight cigarette...
In a limbo
I surrender
All that was never mine
In exchange
For two pieces of copper...
I laugh my hollow laughter
As you strike a bargain...
Don't forget
To keep the change....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Bits of me
Slip between your fingers
As I land,
In the stoic abyss
Caged by the bars of a void...
And I claw at the stars
From a distance
As the sky swims
In myopic rhythm...
While the soft pitter patter
Of my broken soul
Pours down
It's the monsoon of melancholia...
You are there
Wafting into my senses
Turning me brittle
Your scarred porcelain doll
On the mantelpiece...