Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Humanity Recall...

They say,"We revive a dying cause
Breathe life into a race
Heading into extinction...."
While an innocent child
Draws his last, to fulfil
Their desire of vengeance......
They say,"We voice the oppressed
We bring an end called for
To the painful resilience
Of our silent spectators......"
While a woman loses her right
To humane respect
In their cultural stampede.......
They say,"We surrender
Our helpless souls
To the will of God
To protect his bounties"
While their very own
Are sacrificed indiscriminate
On the altar of disoriented conviction.....
I ask on behalf of those,
Who place life before all else.....
To which faith can they belong
Who insult the essence of human ties?
I ask, what belief guides them
Towards clouding each love filled sunrise?
For I am a son of God
As they, no less....
And while they abuse
The verdict of peace,
I wish to address
My misguided brothers,
That every time a life is lost
Your blood has to pay the cost.....
While your exalted religion dies
In that unaware soul's cries.....