Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rain dance....

The silent darkness of the clouds
Conspiring against the brightness of the sun.....
And then, a sudden playful patter
The sky flashes its thunderous smile
As the irresistible scent of wet earth
Provokes the child in her heart.....
She rushes out with gleeful excitement
A twinkle in those beautiful eyes....
She stands amidst the raining drops
Spreading her arms
Embracing infinity......
The wind playing with her hair
She takes in a soulful breath......
With the loving smile on her lips
Tears glisten in her eyes......
Yet today, she lets go of life
Reliving, for once, in the arms of the heavens
Letting the showers chastise her soul
Rejuvenate her spirit
And revive the simple bliss
In living up every moment......
She shoves off the clutches
Of baseless worries, of painful fears
As the rain drenches her skin
Satisfying her thirsty soul.....
She looks up at the welcoming sky
The raindrops kiss her smiling countenance....
She looks like a blossoming bud
Bathed in the first shower
Today, nature makes her fall in love....
In love, with herself....
She gives happiness another chance
And loses herself in the rhythm of the thunder
In the music of the monsoon
As the Gods above
Colorfully chuckle at her rain dance......

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Engourdissement Mortel...

The sound of rain, hitting viciously against the roof
The flash of the fierce lightning
As if nature is incensed by the mortals
The ruthless noise of thunder
A warning for more than what is expected
I stir,from my trance
The open- eyed sleep
Being immersed in sub conscious thoughts
And gaze again, out of the window pane
A watery vision of the sudden, immobile world
I see joy and satisfaction in those eyes
Which happily look out
And relish the showers of the monsoon
Such striking difference, between them, and me
What makes my instincts
Bend towards the darker side of life?
A question answered by emotions
The piercing pain,
Pain of losing faith in words,
The regret,
Regret of misplacing the very meaning of life
The anger,
Anger of fruitlessly reasoning with the inexplicable
The anguish,
Anguish of being left with an unanswered "Why"
All this, racing through the memories
The haunting laughter, the forgotten love
Yet, I sit in contrast with the weeping skies
The eyes are dry like the dead rose in my diary
Uncaring about the raw, open wounds
Silence engulfs my soul
As I re immerse into the depths of me
Glassy eyed
Surrounded by, a lethal numbness....